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[VideoArt and Experimental Film]

Stephanie Dodes (New York)
Maya Erdelyi (New York)
Cliff Evans (Australian)
Yeo Lee Nah (Singapore)
Marta Mabel Pérez (Puerto Rico)
Carlos Ruiz-Valarino (Puerto Rico)
José Soto (Puerto Rico)
Eva Tang (Singapore)
Victric Thng (Singapore)
Guillermo A. Vázquez (Puerto Rico)
Alison Ward (Florida)

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About the Project

I used the term “information superhighway” in a study I wrote
for the Rockefeller Foundation in 1974. I thought: if you create a highway,
then people are going to invent cars. That's dialectics.
If you create electronic highways, something has to happen.
Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik (1932–2006), often called the father of video art and one of the first to use telecommunications satellites for artistic expression, said that “the real issue in art and technology is not to make another scientific toy, but how to humanize the technology and the electronic medium.”

Much of this humanization of the medium has to do with the connection between human beings. This exhibit, 11 in 2011, is based on the creation of an international dialogue and on linking together audiences which would otherwise not come (in)to the museum. 11 in 2011 is an exhibition of video art that can be seen directly and immediately on the Museo de Arte de Ponce’s website. It is a selection of 11 videos by artists from Puerto Rico, the United States, Australia, and Singapore, including one work from the museum’s permanent collection: American Citizenship Test, by Puerto Rican Marta Mabel Pérez.

With 11 in 2011 the Museo de Arte de Ponce expands its exhibition spaces into the virtual sphere as a way of promoting its new collection of videos and beginning to program video art on a recurring basis. The videos in the show represent various approaches to video art and film art. Their subjects involve questions about the nature of love, rage, and solitude, metaphors of paradise, and allegories of domestication and the infinite.

We are grateful for the trust the artists have shown in us in allowing us to present their works in this on-line project, isolating the works, in some cases, from their genesis as installations. These are creations of substantial aesthetic value, and they range from documentary to video-performance, from appropriation to animation. Several illustrate the permeability between cinematographic narration and the digital media. They are works that offer messages beyond the “merely” aesthetic and that help us become aware that many contemporary creators are putting their most striking visions into the form of the moving image.

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