After looking at it closely, try to answer as many of the following questions as you can.

  • Where do you think are they? Is it day or night? How do you know?

  • How are they dressed up? What do their clothes tell us about them?

  • How do they look? Do they look happy or sad?

  • What do you think they are talking about?

  • Do you think they are playing a game? What kind of game do you 
       think are they playing?

  • What kind of games do you think children played in the 17th century?

    Now imagine you are a reporter who has to interview the children in the painting  for a newspaper. Think about the questions you would ask them and the answers they would provide. In order to be realistic you must do a little research about how   life was in the 17th Century. Go to the following web-site and read some information that could help you by having a better idea of how life was then for children. You would be surprised!



Then use the historical information about this epoch and try to figure out what the children are talking about in the picture.  After this, write a dialogue you think the children are having between them. Give them original names and be ready to present your dialogue to the class by acting it out. You should work with a partner and try to make a vivid and fun act of your original dialogue. Have fun!


    Now you are going to become a writer. Review the historical information on the web-sites provided once again, and think about how children lived in this epoch and the games they played. Then create a short story about a day in the life of the children in the painting. Remember that your story must have a beginning, a problem in the middle, and an ending with a solution. Think of something funny that may have happened to them, or something difficult. Try to draw a few pictures that could represent the most interesting or funny parts of your story. Be ready to read it to your classmates!


    This time you are going to become an artist and create a piece of art. You can work individually or with a partner. Feel free to use any medium you like such as crayons, color pencils, markers, water colors, or acrylics if available. Then think of your favorite game, the one you like to play the most today. Draw or paint a picture of you and your partner playing this game. Pay attention to details such as the things or materials you need to play this game. For example to play basket you need a basket ball, and a basket ball court. After you finish your picture fill in the chart provided by comparing the games or sports you play today with the ones children played in the 17th Century. Think of how they were different and how they were alike. Discuss the chart with your classmates. Which conclusions can you draw after making this comparison?



List names of games you like to play today

Objects or things you need to play this game

List names of games children in the 17th century may have played

Objects or things

 needed to play



bat, ball, gloves, field

1.hide and seek

places to hide


























Example of a Venn Diagram