Webquest title: Children’s Games: Yesterday and Today 

Discipline and grade:  English 4th to 5th grade

                Teaching tab

                Title: Niños con calabazas c.1682 

                         Author: Pedro Núñez Villavicencio




    After studying in detail the painting, Niños con calabazas, by Pedro Núñez Villavicencio the students will:

  • Infer the social background and life aspects of the children portrayed in the painting, paying special attention to their clothing and the environment around them.

  •  Infer what the children may be talking about and practice the writing skills by  creating a short dialogue.
  • Practice the oral language skills by acting out the created dialogues.
  • Practice their writing skills by creating a short fictional story about a day in the children’s life.
  • Review and use the elements of a short story in their fictional story.
  • Compare and contrast children’s games and way of entertainment in the 17th Century and the 21st Century using a chart or a Venn diagram.
  • Create a new version of the painting, Niños con calabazas, by drawing or painting a picture of children playing today in the 21st Century.



Author: Dra. Teresita Santiago