This webquest is for students, student teachers and teachers who are going to study the Rococo Art, Modern Art or Goya’s paintings. In this unit we are going to focus on Goya’s painting of the Portrait of Martin Zapater and Goya’s lifetime friendship with Zapater. Zapater was a very close friend of Goya whom he knew since early schooling and maintained during his life through correspondence. While observing the portrait, the students will answer the following questions:





1. In the portrait, is Zapater a young man?

2. Is the painting an indicator of how long they have been friends or known each other?

3.In the painting is Zapater using the attire of his era or is he ahead of his time?

4.Does Goya portray in the painting the Rococo era or the Modern Era? 

5.What artistic style does Goya portray in the portrait?

6.Was Goya known as the Modern Artist? Explain briefly.