The students will observe Francisco Goya’s painting - Portrait of Martin Zapater and they will use their creativity and write two to three descriptive paragraphs of Goya’s and Zapater’s friendship.

In order to write the descriptive paragraphs, the students need background information. You may utilize the following links:

1. http://www.eeweems.com/goya/bio_timeline.html 

2. http://www.eeweems.com/goya/zapater.html

3. http://www.goyaexperts.com/esp/goya_chronology.html

4. http://www.eeweems.com/goya/introduction-to-goya.php

5. http://www.eeweems.com/goya/students.html

After writing the descriptive paragraphs of Goya’s and Zapater’s friendship, some students will share their writing with the class.